Stunning mountain hut photogrammetry

Photogrammetry enthusiast and SketchFab user PeterPWS has created a stunning capture of a snow-dusted hut on Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain. 

The Cradle Mountain Kitchen Hut provides a safe refuge for weary hikers along Cradle Mountain’s Cradle Plateau. 

The structure was commissioned in 1939 by the Cradle Mountain Reserve Board, built at a location referred to as ‘kitchen’ given a nearby drinkable water supply. A second level was added in 1973 for travellers to gain access to in times of heavy snow, according to Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service.

The hut was restored in 2014, with materials being flown in to strengthen the integrity of the structure. Retaining the heritage look and value of the hut was a core tenant of the restore.

Photo of the Cradle Mountain Kitchen Hut

PeterPWS’ model, posted to 3D model repository Sketchfab, show the structure coated in a thick layer of snow, and beautifully captures details of the facade and surrounding stone bricks. The tones captured in the sharp texture map really stand out. 

The model was created with Agisoft Metshape. 

Check out the model and PeterPWS’s profile on Sketchfab.