Epic Games acquires Capturing Reality

Video game publisher Epic Games has revealed it has acquired Slovakian-founded photogrammetry software developer Capturing Reality, and intends to incorporate its RealityCapture solution into the Unreal Engine ecosystem.

Epic said one of the goals of the acquisition, beyond it gaining access to one of the leading photogrammetry software suites on the market, was to get the technology in the hands of more customers at more competitive pricing. 

As of the announcement, RealityCapture prices had already come down. The unlimited perpetual enterprise licence was reduced from €15,000 to US$3750, representing close to an 80 percent price drop in US dollar terms at the time of publication.  

Capturing Reality’s Pay Per Input (PPI) Licenses going forward will include a 3500 PPI credit licence for US$10 and an 8000 PPI credit licence for US$20. 

The pay-per-input model allows users to import photos or lidar points into RealityCapture, process the data, review the potential PPI credit value of the data and proceed to licence that data if the users would like to export it. For example, a photoscan derived from 50 12-megapixel images would cost 150 PPI credits to licence.  

Teddy Bergsman, the senior director of photoscanned asset library Quixel Megascans, which Epic acquired in 2019, said RealityCapture was the clear market leader in photogrammetry and had been integral to Quixel Megascans since the its foundation. 

“We are beyond excited to welcome Capturing Reality to our team, and to accelerate our shared vision to enable anyone to scan the world,” Bergsman said.

Unreal Engine general manager Marc Petit also praised the Capturing Reality solution. 

“The Capturing Reality team is made up of some of the most impressive experts in the field of photogrammetry,” Petit said. “The team has built a powerful solution with RealityCapture, and we’re fortunate to have them as part of the Epic Games family.”

RealityCapture will be integrated into the Unreal Engine ecosystem, exactly how this will look is as yet uncertain. However, Epic’s announcement did mention that Capturing Reality would continue support and development for partners including those that do no use Unreal Engine.

Capturing Reality co-founders Michal Jancosek Martin Bujnak said Epic’s mission was in line with their own vision to give customers “the most powerful and easy-to-use photogrammetry solution on the market”. 

 “Epic is clearly aligned with this mission, and has a proven track record of taking existing technologies and making them more accessible to developers across industries,” Bujnak said. 

“We look forward to partnering with their team to accelerate adoption of our technology and moving the photogrammetry industry forward together,” concluded Martin Bujnak, PhD., co-founder of Capturing Reality.”