Beautiful heritage photogrammetry by London artist David Fletcher

David Fletcher is a London-based video game artist and photogrammetry enthusiast whose impressive scans are largely heritage based. 

Through studying computer animation and working for Sony PlayStation, Fletcher has developed a passion for drawing, CG and architecture. That passion has translated to some beautifully realised scans, featured here. 

The Charterhouse Norfolk Cluster

London’s Charterhouse is a large historic complex of buildings that dates back to the 14th century, built after a plot of land was granted for the building of a Carthusian monastery in 1371.

“The Norfolk Cloister is a ‘rare survival of a great Elizabethan garden gallery’. The roof was used for guests to promenade including by Queen Elizabeth I during her visit to the Charterhouse,” Fletcher writes in his description of the piece. 

The model was created with 1622 photos on a Sony a6000 and processed with Agisoft Metashape.  

St Bartholomew The Great Priory Church

According to Fletcher, St Bartholomew The Great Priory Church is the oldest church in London, dating from 1123. This comprehensive model features a beautiful render of the main hall and even some areas that are typically off limits to visitors. 

The detailed interior model was developed with comprised of more than 2000 photos, also shot on the Sony a6000 and processed in Metashape.

Check out more of Fletcher’s photogrammetry work at this Sketchfab page here, or visit his personal website here.